In which I detail our adventurers’ base of operations…

The Company of the Dragon

The Company of the Dragon is the most renowned and longest standing adventuring company in Doran, Hildettar and perhaps the world. Every 5 years or so the Company recruits for new members to join its illustrious ranks.

At the start of the campaign all of the players need a reason to join the Company. Try your best to be inventive and tailor them to your characters:

  • They are put forward by a trusted friend who has contacts in the Company.
  • An unknown ally or admirer puts them forward.
  • They sign up after hearing Simmon’s tales of the derring-do and, more importantly, treasure available to successful applicants.
  • A mentor suggests they apply.


The Company’s headquarters is based in Doran on the west side of the river, just above Pelor Plaza. Originally a fairly opulent mansion it has been extensively remodelled over the last 200 years to form a base of operations with training facilities and amenities for adventurers of all types.

Ground Floor

Uninitiated characters only have access to the unlocked rooms on the ground floor at first:

  • The break room: The social hub of the Company, this room is where meals are served and ale is drunk. Adventurers often regale each other with their exploits in here. Krug is often found in here between adventures.
  • The entrance hall: The entrance way to the building contains a large staircase to the first floor and storage for weapons and gear. The room at the back provides an entrance to the basement.
  • The briefing room: Several desks line the entrance to this room where Yates and his fellow clerks carry out the administrative business of the Company and greet visitors. The room has enough seating for around 30 adventurers to be briefed on missions. The hallway in the back leads to the offices of more senior members, including Captain Samuel, the library and the dormitory.
  • The dormitory: 3 bunk beds can sleep up to 6 Company initiates for free.
  • The library: access needs to be granted by Yates who is precious of his keys.

Once they have completed a mission for the company they can stay in the dormitories and eat & drink for free (equivalent to Modest living conditions from the PHB).

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First Floor

Until the players have progressed beyond being initiates the majority of these rooms are locked. There are two more dormitories with bunk beds and several bedrooms with nicer beds for more experienced Company members or visitors to stay in.

<Map and details will be filled in when my players reach this point>

Second Floor

Inaccessible to the PCs until they graduate from being initiates.

<Map and details will be filled in when my players reach this point/>


Inaccessible to the PCs until they graduate from being initiates.

<Map and details will be filled in when my players reach this point/>

Notable NPCs

Company Members

  • Krug, Orc Barbarian. An orphaned orc who was found by a roving warrior band. He eventually made his way to Doran where he easily proved himself to the Company. He has never sought accommodation outside the Company’s walls and is often found in the bar enjoying strong beer or a kind of grog of his own devising. An accomplished fighter he has saved many of his fellow adventurers including, most regularly, “that shiny git” otherwise known as Galavar.
  • Galavar, Human Fighter. The polar opposite of Krug. While he can talk the talk he most certainly cannot walk the walk (at least not as well as he claims). Coming from a noble background he has always had the nicest gear and the shiniest armour. His success is a mixture of dumb luck, natural charm and the expertise of his fellow adventurers. He will claim credit where credit is due (which he thinks is always).
  • Veronica, Human Paladin. Gallant, chivalrous and determined. Veronica’s parents were killed when she was young and she was taken in by the Temple of Pelor. Instead of restoring to revenge she was driven to make the world a better place so that the same thing will not befall other children. Galavar thinks he’ll win her over one day. He is quite mistaken.
  • Marthys, Elven Wizard. The most studious in her class at the College of Evocation Marthys doesn’t at first glance seem to be the typical adventurer. After 50 years of poring over texts at the college she decided to go out into the world to hunt down obscure scrolls and spells. Despite her bookish nature she is one of the most versatile company members, given enough time, due to her extensive spellbook.
  • (Captain) Samuel Bonner, Human Fighter. The head of the Company. He earned his rank of Captain fighting against the orcs to the east as part of a human and elf alliance. Though he retired from the military many people still refer to him by that title out of deference to his skill at arms.

Support Staff and Associates

  • Simmon, Human Bard. A recruiter for the Company. He is often found spinning tales of the great wealth potential recruits can earn (if they survive long enough). It’s not the greatest job but it pays him well and keeps him in tavern expenses.
  • Yates, Human clerk. The head clerk of the Company and the first character many of the players will meet. He is responsible for 5 junior clerks and signing up new recruits. He also caries out the majority of the accounting and administrative tasks. He can provide players who are not yet members of the company access to the library if he thinks they will be respectful of the books.
  • Lord Melworth, Human noble. The richest and longest standing benefactor of the Company. He takes a keen interest in the workings of the Company from the newest recruits to the more famous adventurers. He is related to Galavar by a distant cousin and so easily sees through him (this doesn’t stop Galavar from playing up the connection, however). He has a strong respect for Krug after a raid 5 years ago where Krug saved his husband from bandits. His connection with Samuel goes even further back and they are good friends with Melworth always ensuring the Captain has a good supply of fine wines and brandy in his office should he pop over to chat to him.


The Company of the Dragon interior was designed using Hobbyte’s Dungeon Builder. This blog makes no income and so I am able to show these maps here under the terms of my Dungeon Builder license. Samuel Bonner’s name comes straight from Artemis Games’ Character Cards. The character himself is inspired by his card.

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