NPC: Brumrik Oathkeeper

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In which I detail the backstory of one Brumrik Oathkeeper…

NPC is a new Pathfinder campaign that I am going to be playing. NPC is the somewhat amusing acronym of Nerdfighter Pathfinder Campaign as I’m playing with a bunch of Nerdfighters on Discord. This will be my first time playing Pathfinder but I am well versed in D&D 3.5 so hopefully won’t find the transition too difficult. I decided to take on the role of a Support Cleric as a) I haven’t played a Cleric properly before and b) there are a lot of new players in the group so I figured it would be useful to have me buffing and healing the group at opportune times.

This awesome image by YamaOrce on DeviantArt is roughly what I'm going for in look.
This awesome image by YamaOrce on DeviantArt is roughly what I'm going for in look.

Brumrik Oathkeeper

Brumrik grew up in the Dwarven capital of Highhelm, the son of a middle-class family. His father, Thorbek, is a Blacksmith and his mother, Dhurhohilda, was a Paladin of Torag.

His childhood of helping in his father’s forge has made him sturdy but not particularly nimble on his feet. Playing as a child in the mountain passes has made him wary of creatures that might sneak up on him unexpectedly.

Initially torn between studying under his father or his mother he eventually chose the calling of faith. Following in his mother’s footsteps he began studying at the temple in his 50th year. Not being particularly adept at learning from books he has instead learnt a great deal from the actions of others in and around the temple.

His progress in his studies of the religious texts has been slow. Taking him over 20 years to reach the stage where he could adventure out on his own without the watchful eye of his teachers. The one thing he did have the attention span for were stories of anything beyond. The different planes of existence are especially appealing to him. The knowledge that Gods and Angels truly exist has spurred on his faith and a desire to see the outside world that has always been in his heart.

His mother raised him in her faith but was lost, presumed dead, when an expedition deeper into the mountains experienced a cave in. In the months since her disappearance Brumrik has been particularly dour and contemplative. He needed to get away from his home and his dark thoughts, to once again feel whole. When the temple put out a call for Clerics of Torag to venture beyond the halls of Highhelm it provided him with the perfect opportunity to escape his thoughts and do something for the good of his god and his home. This decision has cut his studies short but he is confident that his faith will show him the way and that practical experience will teach him far more than stuffy tomes hidden away in the nooks and crannies of the temple library.


Torag sends his Clerics out into the world with purpose. Brumrik’s adventuring is to complete the following aims:

  • Learn more about the current state of the world.
  • Improve the fellowship between Dwarves and other races.

Brumrik's Code

Codes are important to dwarves and as a Lawful Good character he needs a set of laws to follow. This list will be added to over time as things come up during play:

  1. Do everything in my power to prevent suicide. It is condemned by Torag.
  2. Uphold your promises.
  3. Improve your community when possible.
  4. Consider your options before committing to a course of action.

Campaign Diary

<Will be added once the campaign is underway>