Queen's Scout Award

The Queen's Scout Award is the highest award a youth member can achieve in scouting and must be completed before your 25th birthday. The QSA requires you to fulfill requirements in the following sections:


I was a member of Manchester South Network for 3 years and 8 months.

Nights Away

I have completed over 200 Nights Away during my time in scouting.

International, Environment & Values

I attended and helped run a week long camp at Rieneck Scout Castle, Germany for my International requirement.

I helped my scout group obtain their Faith activity badge for my Values requirement.


I completed my Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award to fulfill the Challenge requirement.

Manchester SSAGO: Webmaster

Webmaster 2013-14

As ManSSAGO webmaster I have been responsible for updating the existing ManSSAGO website:

This involved:

  • maintaining and updating an existing WordPress installation;
  • heavily editing the existing theme CSS;
  • investigating appropriate new plugins, selecting the best candidates and installing them.

I have also been responsible for the ManSSAGO Ball Event website:

This website allows each national event to create their own layout and CSS. My work on this site involved:

  • creation of new responsive website CSS;
  • creation of some of the website artwork*;
  • editing the existing HTML layout.

*The banner art, poster art and sidebar design were created by Hari. The ball badge design was created by Liz.


  • HTML
  • CSS

Student Scout and Guide Organisation: National Treasurer

National Treasurer 2013-15

I am the national treasurer in charge of organising accounts at a national level and approving accounts for national events.


As national treasurer I have overseen the following events:

  • Plymouth Rally - Summer 2013
  • Sheffield Rally - Autumn 2013
  • Bath Rally - Winter 2014

I will also be responsible for overseeing the upcoming events:

  • Manchester Ball - Easter 2014
  • Ex-Exec Rally - Summer 2014
  • Loighborough - Autumn 2014
  • Lancaster Rally - Spring 2015

Outreach Events

As a member of the national executive committee I have attended the following events as outreach for SSAGO:

  • Gilwell 24 2013
  • Gilwell Reunion 2013
  • Gilwell Winter Camp 2014

Warwick AirSoc: Treasurer

Treasurer 2008-10

As treasurer of Warwick University's Airsofting society and a founding member I was part of an executive team that grew the society from 3 to 90 members within 2 university terms.


While I was on the executive committee we hosted the first Inter-University Tournament in the UK at our local site, The Grange.


Warwick AirSoc won the Warwick Student’s Union Best New Society 2009 award while I was on the executive committee.