University of Manchester: PhD

Postgraduate Degree

I have a PhD in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) at The University of Manchester.

As part of my degree I have gained the following experience:

  • Development of novel preclinical MRI protocols for awake imaging;
  • Experience using RIA & ELISA;
  • Experience programming & using a Bruker 7T MRI scanner

The studentship details are as follows:

  • Industrial CASE studentship (AstraZeneca) in Respiratory Medicine
  • Supervisors: Dr. Peter Warn, Prof. Steve Williams
  • Industrial Supervisors: Dr. José Ulloa, Dr. Heather Keen, Dr. Hervé Barjat


I have held the following positions:

  • Manchester SSAGO: Webmaster 2013-14
  • Manchester SSAGO: National Event Treasurer 2013
  • Manchester SSAGO: Treasurer 2011-13
  • CAOS: General Member 2013-14
  • CAOS: Social Secretary 2012-13
  • CAOS: Treasurer 2011-12


I am involved in the following societies:

  • Manchester SSAGO
  • Choir And Orchestra Society (CAOS)


  • Bruker ParaVision® Programming Course
  • Effective Academic Writing
  • Effective Presentation Skills
  • Critical analysis of research papers
  • Systematic Review Training
  • Scientific Creativity
  • Scientific Abstracts


  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • RIA
  • MRI
  • C++
  • Linux
  • Windows

University of Warwick: BSc


I achieved an Upper Second Class (2:1) degree in Physics (BSc) with a first in the final year.

During my degree I was given a thorough grounding in all aspects of general physics and took optional modules specialising in C Programming, Medical Physics, Magnetic Resonance and Astrophysics.


I held the following positions:

  • Warwick Airsoc: Treasurer 2008-10
  • Warwick SSAGO: President 2008-09
  • Warwick SSAGO: Camping Secretary 2009-10


I was involved in the following societies:

  • Warwick SSAGO
  • Warwick Airsoc (founding member)


  • Magnetic Resonance (PX388)
  • Nuclear and Particle Physics (PX386)
  • Astrophysics (PX387)
  • Cosmology (PX389)
  • Crystal Physics (PX393)
  • Quantum Physics of Atoms (PX382)
  • Optoelectronics and Laser Physics (PX370)
  • Physics in Medicine (PX308)
  • Communicating Science (PX376)
  • Introduction to Secondary School Teaching (IE2A6)
  • Physics of Electrical Power Generation (PX273)
  • Global Warming (PX272)
  • C Programming (PX270)
  • Galaxies (PX269)
  • Geophysics (PX266)
  • Thermal Physics II (PX265)
  • Electromagnetic Theory and Optics (PX263)
  • Quantum Mechanics and it Applications (PX262)
  • Mathematical Methods for Physicists I (PX260)
  • Mathematical Methods for Physicists II (PX261)
  • Introduction to Particle Physics (PX147)
  • Physics Foundations (PX145)
  • Introduction to Astronomy (PX144)
  • Electronics Workshop (PX140)
  • Mechanics A (PX132)
  • Thermal Physics I (PX121)
  • Electricity and Magnetism (PX120)
  • Waves (PX118)
  • Relativity (PX109)
  • Quantum Phenomena (PX101)
  • Mathematics for Scientists (MA108)


  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • C

Royal Russell School Sixth Form

I attended Royal Russell School Sixth Form for the entirety of my A-level education.


I attained the following grades in my A-levels:

  • Physics - A
  • Mathematics - A
  • Chemistry - A
  • Geology - A

I took Maths a year early.


I held the following positions at the school:

  • Prefect
  • School Newspaper Graphic Editor


I was involved in the following societies at sixth form:

  • Barbershop
  • School Newspaper (“The Voice”)

Royal Russell School

Royal Russell Crest

I attended Royal Russell School for the entirety of my primary and secondary education.


I attained the following grades in my GCSEs:

  • Double Award Science - A* A*
  • Mathematics - A*
  • Information Communication Technology - A*
  • French - A*
  • Geography - A*
  • English Language - A
  • English Literature - A
  • Food Technology - A

I took both Maths and French a year early.


I held the following positions at the school:

  • Student Food Council Representative
  • Junior School Head Boy
  • Junior School Prefect
  • Junior School Assistant Librarian


I was involved in the following societies at school:

  • Barbershop (after my voice broke)
  • Choir
  • School Newspaper ("The Voice")
  • Combined Cadet Force
  • Model United Nations